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We help real estate developers and businesses capitalize on the opportunities in today’s rental market

As the demand for housing continuing to climb and inventory quickly diminishes, many entrepreneurs are turning their focus to rental housing as part of their overall investment strategies. At Bristol Pacific Commercial Construction, we help real estate developers and businesses of various scales capitalize on the opportunities that today’s market presents with expert apartment building construction and development services. For over 30 years and counting, we have been consistently delivering durable and high-performance results to those we work with in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our longevity can be attributed to the consistent quality of our completed work as well as our unwavering commitment to customer service.

Over the past 22 years we have designed and built modular apartment buildings or various sizes and finishes. If you are contacting us in the early stages of your planning, we can show you some of the advantages of going with modular construction vises conventional construction. Below are just a few.

  • Modular construction durations are about 2/3 less time. With the average say 60 units building to be 14-16 months our projects average 4-5 months. This allows you to start getting a return on your investment soon.

  • The modular units are built in a controlled environment unlike conventional framing

  • Modular unit can be delivered and installed with 90% of the work completed. Kitchen cabinets plumbing fixtures flooring electrical and HVAC and hot water

  • With modular construction you save on subcontractors cost because everything with in unit is installed and inspected which leaves just the vertical tie-in to be completed in the hallways once the boxes are in place and connected

These are just four advantages. When you contact our team of professionals, we can explain in detail how the process works and the limitations of using modular construction for your apartment building.

The depth of experience and expert craftsmanship of our team at Bristol Pacific enables us to take on projects of all sizes and levels of technical complexity with efficiency and confidence. From erecting single buildings to developing and constructing entire living communities – you can count on our team to get the job done right, on time and up to budget. Steel and iron work, electric, HVAC, plumbing and site work are just a few of our areas of expertise. Even if you are just getting started, we can help you get your site cleared, level and ready for construction with our land development service. This full-service approach has helped position as the first choice for an apartment building construction development company in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

No matter what the specific parameters of your project may be, you can count on it to last. Our strict adherence to best practice techniques and use of premium materials ensures the longevity of your apartment building.

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We keep you informed every step of the way

At Bristol Pacific, we take great care to make the process of apartment building construction and development as pleasant and straight forward as possible. We start by consulting directly with you to learn more about your goals for the project as well as any challenges that you may face. Using this information, we can create and enact a construction and development plan that directly reflects these and other personal variables.



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